31 October 2016

Just to let you know that you will need certain CITES permits if you sell or import the Ocellate River Stingray (Potamotrygon motoro) from Brazil and Colombia, the Zebra pleco (Hypancistrus zebra) from Brazil or the Discus Ray (Paratrygon aiereba) from Colombia.

These fish species are now on CITES Appendix III with effect from 3 January 2017. The species affected are:

Brazil lists:

Potamotrygon spp. – all Brazilian populations

Hypancistrus zebra

Colombia lists:

Potamotrygon constellata

  1. magdalenae 
  2. motoro 
  3. orbignyi 
  4. schroederi
  5. scobina
  6. yepezi 

Paratrygon aiereba

The original request at the recent CITES meeting in South Africa was for these species to be put on Appendix II but it was agreed they would go on Appendix III. This still means you will need CITES paperwork if you bring them into the UK and sell them, and it gives the exporting countries more information on the levels of trade in these fish.

See the CITES notification here.