Rules on the import of Caudata amphibians such as newts and salamanders came into force across the UK on July 1, 2018, following an Implementing Decision from the European Commission.

The new rules seek to stop the spread of the fungal pathogen, Batrachochytrium salamandrivorans (Bsal).

We would urge anyone involved in the import, export or sale of Caudata species to familiarise themselves with these new rules and ensure any animals they buy and sell conform to these new rules.

To import Caudata into the UK or move between EU countries you need to:

  • Use the custom code 0106900000 now
  • Have the appropriate health certificates
  • Pre-notify APHA of non-EU imports (CVED) or FHI for EU imports (BSAL2). You will also need to do this if you wish to export Caudata to the EU or if the import is from outside the EU
  • Quarantine your animals at a Fish Health Inspectorate (FHI) registered appropriate establishment and get a written authorisation from them for release once the animals have completed the quarantine period. Currently no such establishment has registered with FHI so it is not permitted to import from countries outside the EU.

Pets (defined as five or less animals accompanied by their owner) are excluded from these rules. Obtaining animals from a shop, hobbyist or trade show to become part of a collection is not defined as moving a pet (find more information on this in the FHI Q&A at the bottom of the page).

The rules cover the whole of the UK.

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