The Scottish Animal Welfare Commission has issued its final report examining the trade in exotic pets in Scotland.

This advisory body to the Scottish Government is recommending in its report that:

  • a system of positive lists are introduced (which limit the species that can be kept as pets)
  • wild caught animals for the pet trade are banned in Scotland.

Its recommendations are based on a literature review carried out on its behalf.

OATA has made a number of submissions on behalf of the ornamental aquatics industry during the Commission’s review process. We are also deeply concerned about the literature review, which we believe is not based on good science in its examination of the issues surrounding pet fish.

We want Scottish businesses to be aware of what is planned in Scotland so that they understand the ramifications for their business

What is OATA doing?

  • We have written to the  Cabinet Secretary for Rural Affairs and Islands Maira Gougeon to outline our concerns about the report and will be meeting with Scottish officials to discuss the report further.
  • We are critiquing the literature review and will send a copy to both the Cabinet Secretary and Scottish civil servants.
  • We are liaising with Scottish trade representatives and groups to put together a wider response to the report.