We believe that educating people to pick the right pet for their lifestyle and care for it properly is the key to happy and healthy pets – and that includes fish. So we’ve created guides to help people research and choose the right pet and explain their responsibilities once they welcome them into their new home.

Pet Code of Practice

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The vast majority of non-native pets in the UK are tropical fish and reptiles so we want to encourage responsible pet ownership. Ultimately we want to make sure owners understand the best ways to keep their pets and also make sure they never release their pets into the wild. So we’ve helped to create a useful code of practice for pet owners to help them understand their responsibilities.

The code covers the main issues for pet owners when it comes to buying and keeping a non-native pet and gives advice to traders about the areas they need to cover when they sell pets to their customers.

This will hopefully mean owners do not decide to get rid of their pet. And if you do have to make this decision you should never release your pet into the wild. It’s cruel and could harm the British countryside and wildlife.

Guide to online selling

We are aware of the growing trend for online sales of fish. While we firmly believe bricks and mortar shops are the best place for people to buy fish we cannot ignore changing consumer habits. So we created a guide for people selling fish online to ensure animal welfare needs are being met by those who sell in this way.