When companies join OATA they sign up to our Code of Conduct which covers a wide range of standards we expect them to meet. These cover:

  • animal welfare
  • water quality
  • livestock care
  • biosecurity
  • the transportation of fish
  • fish stocking densities
  • animal medicines
  • staff training
  • dealing with complaints

The ultimate aim of our code of conduct is to set high welfare standards for fish and other species and help to maintain the reputation of the industry.

Look out for our Customer Charter at shops that are OATA members. This shows customers what they can expect.

OATA members are also sent a door sticker each year to display their membership and those who are part of our Primary Authority scheme have a sticker that reflects this. Signing up to this scheme shows that the shop is following high welfare standards by following its inspection plan. PA members also benefit from ‘assured advice’.

If you believe an OATA member is not following our Code of Conduct then tell us.