Whether you have a passion for freshwater tropical, marines or coldwater fish or simply need to know how to create a garden pond, we suggest that in the first instance, you contact your local OATA member retailer who will provide you with the answers you are looking for.


We’ve created a comprehensive range of species-related caresheets where you can find more about the fish you’re keeping.


We’ve created a number of ‘how to’ videos hosted on YouTube to help you set up your new tank.

‘How to’ guides to download

We’ve created a number of ‘how to’ leaflets to download to read at your leisure. They complement our videos above.

Look out for OATA members

Companies and shops that join OATA have to sign up to our Code of Conduct which means they are working to high standards. Retailers can also sign up to our Primary Authority scheme which shows their shop has been licensed to certain standards. Watch out for the door sticker which shows which ones!

Guidance documents

We’ve got several guides here that might help you make sure you care for your fish properly.