OATA was set up in 1991 and our objective is to protect and promote the interests of all those engaged in the ornamental aquatic trade.

Our aim is to enhance the reputation of the trade by promoting the benefits derived from it, setting high standards, providing good education and training, and encouraging responsible ownership and enjoyment among fish keepers.

To achieve this, we will:

Promote confidence in the industry by:

  • Talking to Ministers, MPs and officials at all levels of government to raise awareness of the benefits provided by the industry in economic, social and conservation terms.
  • Ensuring members deliver good welfare standards.
  • Ensuring members are aware of and compliant with new regulatory requirements.
  • Providing high quality publicly available advice.
  • Working collaboratively with Government, NGOs and others.

Avoid inappropriate financial and regulatory burdens by:

  • Negotiating at all levels of Government ensuring well evidenced arguments.
  • Exploring opportunities arising from the UK’s exit from the EU.
  • Working with other trade bodies to build a stronger voice.

Create an equitable competitive environment by:

  • Bringing operators that do not meet minimum legal requirements to the attention of relevant authorities so that they may take appropriate

Build OATA’s reputation by:

  • Providing professional, friendly and high quality services to members.
  • Providing opportunities for recognised specialist qualifications.
  • Ensuring the wider industry is aware of OATA standards and activities.

We currently have more than 850 UK members from the import, distributor, manufacturer and retail sectors. We were set up 1991 and through our work we have saved the industry over £200 million in the last twenty-plus years.

To ensure uniform standards of welfare are met, all our members sign and agree to abide by the OATA Code of Conduct.