Fish are the most populous pet in the UK yet probably the least recognised. We know how great pet fish are and we’re here to help our industry shout about the ornamental aquatic trade and how we all support people who keep pet fish.

OATA was set up in 1991 and throughout that time we have represented the whole industry – from importers, manufacturers and wholesalers to retailers and pond and aquarium consultants. Our aim is to:

  • enhance the reputation and promote confidence in the industry
  • set high standards for the industry to follow
  • provide good education, training and information
  • represent the views of our members to industry-relevant elected representatives and officials and work collaboratively with them
  • work with other trade bodies and relevant organisations to build a stronger voice for the pet industry
  • promote the benefits that pets like fish can bring to society both home and abroad
  • encourage responsible ownership and enjoyment among people who keep fish

We currently have more than 800 UK members from the import, distributor, manufacturer and retail sectors and since our inception in 1991 we have saved the industry more than £200 million.

To ensure uniform standards of welfare are met, all our members sign and agree to abide by the OATA Code of Conduct.