The Invasive Non-Native Species & Biosecurity module is suitable for anyone working in retail shops and also pond consultants and fishkeepers. It is a Foundation level course suitable for those new to the subject or who wish to improve their knowledge. You should expect to be able to complete the course in three months, or less.

This module aims to provide candidates with:

  • an introduction to the issue of invasive alien species, the ways in which they arrive in a new environment and the characteristics which could enable a non-native species to become invasive.
  • an understanding of the detrimental impacts that invasive alien species can have.
  • an understanding of how biodiversity measures can prevent/reduce the risk of introduction and spread of invasive alien species.

For the purposes of this module, we will look at the issue of invasive alien species first in relation to pets before discussing ornamental fish and ornamental aquatic plants.

Please note that at the moment it is not City & Guilds accredited. Successful completion will lead to a Certificate of Attendance.

Method of study

At your own pace at home or at work using the online eLearning platform. The online course can be viewed on a computer, tablet and smart phone.

Module prerequisites
  1. Have access to the resources required to undertake this course e.g. access to a computer/laptop/tablet/smartphone and external reading. 
  2. Have sufficient time to be able to dedicate for regular learning. As a guide, we would expect you should be able to complete this module in three months or less. You can complete the module quicker if you feel confident to pass the assessment.
  3. Have a good understanding of English.
Start date & length of module

You start the module when you receive the log-in information and access will then be available for 12 months. There may be additional admin fees to pay if you take longer than 12 months to complete the module.


The Invasive Non-Native Species and Biosecurity Module is available in the United Kingdom and internationally. Please note it is delivered in English.


At the end of the module there is a written assessment in the form of online questions. Once completed successfully you will get a Certificate of Attendance. Please note this course is not yet part of our City & Guilds approved programme.