We’re asking aquatic retailers to get behind the new campaign from freshwater conservation organisation Shoal and help Save Denise’s Friends!

This new initiative is part of Shoal’s SOS: Support Our Shoal programme and is being led by the aquarium hobby. OATA has been proud to join with Practical Fishkeeping magazine to help Shoal develop this programme. It puts power right in the hands of the businesses and individuals that make the aquarist community such a diverse and exciting industry. Read this Practical Fishkeeping article for more detail about the programme.

With one in three freshwater fish species facing the threat of extinction, it’s never been more urgent for people to step up and give them a shot at survival. We are hoping aquatics businesses will be the heroes in this story – by helping to be the ones to bring these fish back from the brink!

SOS: Support Our Shoal provides a reliable channel to direct funding towards the conservation projects that are needed most. The first appeal under the SOS banner is to ‘Save Denise’s Friends!’ – wild populations of the popular Red line torpedo barb, also known as the Denison’s barb.

We are hoping aquarium retailers such as yours will take part and support this campaign.

How you can help

We are hoping aquarium retailers such as yours will help to support and promote this campaign to your customers.

One way for you to contribute with fundraising is to ask your customers if they would round up to the closest £ on sales, and donate the difference to the Save Denise’s Friends! appeal.

Another way is to spread the word! Please click on the links below to download flyers, posters and info sheets to display in your shop. There are logos below as well – could you place one on your website with a link to the appeal? Also, please share information about your support for the campaign on your social media channels with a link to the appeal for customers to donate.