Our Chief Executive Dominic was asked to present at the recent Partnership for Action against Wildlife Crime meeting, which brings together regulators, NGOs and businesses to tackle this issue. We have been discussing how we can work more closely with the National Wildlife Crime Unit, particularly around reporting illegal behaviour, and from this we asked if we could present to this forum. We wanted to highlight that industry does play its part in trying to tackle wildlife crime.

Our point is always we want to be part of the solution and will play our part in tackling illegal activity because it brings reputation of our industry unfairly into disrepute. But trafficking not honest trade is the issue and proper enforcement of the law is a key factor.

We are aware about how difficult it can be to find the right agency to report illegal activity to (see our Reporting page for the wide variety of organisations depending on the issue). We are exploring this with the NWCU to see if there is a way to create an easy access portal to report and record crime that affects our industry and it’s something OATA plans to push forward with regulators.