Good retailers invest in the proper training for their staff and the pet shop licence also requires this. We would certainly like it to be a legal requirement across the UK for licensed businesses that sell animals to train their staff to NVQ level 3 (or equivalent) in a qualification that is relevant to the species they sell. Knowledgeable and well-trained staff are an essential part of educating people to pick the right pet for their lifestyle and to care for it properly.

All animals have specific husbandry requirements which need to be understood by the new owner, regardless of whether they are dogs, cats, small furries, birds, reptiles or fish. So making it a legal requirement to train staff in the species they sell and to provide good quality written information that focus on the five welfare needs will help to educate people to pick the right pet for their lifestyle and care for it properly.

We have created two levels of training for staff. Our Certificate and Advanced Diploma are specific to the aquatic industry so will help staff to maintain high levels of knowledge about the species they sell.

We advise that at least one person in the shop has completed our Advanced Diploma.

OATA members also get a discount of training package fees.