To gain an overview of the impact biosecurity measures can have in reducing your disease risk, OATA has produced a unique Biosecurity Risk Calculator.  This model is based upon the transfer rates, infection rates and biosecurity measures implemented.

Three pieces of data are required:

  1. How many sites the fish visit before entering your premises.
  2. The infection rate of the disease in which you are interested.  This can be estimated, for example: if you notice a disease such as white spot within your stock, estimate the percentage of stock which shows signs of infection over a day.  This needs to be a value between 0-100%.
  3. Estimate the amount of effort put into biosecurity.  Be honest, it is unlikely that your premises will be 100% biosecure, but even small measures can help to greatly reduce infection.  This is also a value between 0-100%.

Once you have these three values, simply enter them into the calculator to find out the probability of infection on your premises.