The Government is producing a range of guidance documents in the event of a ‘no deal’ Brexit to help businesses plan. You can find the full range here. To help we have broken down by sector the guides that we think are most relevant but you know your business best so there may be more to read.



Food and medicine manufacturers

Plant growers


We have created this position paper as a result of consultations with OATA members, industry and our Board of Directors. We listened to your concerns and have used this to come up with our six main objectives, which each of these underpinned with detailed information and recommendations about what we would like to see as the UK negotiates its way out of the European Union.

We have become increasingly concerned that the Government continues to press ahead with policy and regulatory changes that take no account of what a post-Brexit world may look like and that run contrary to the Government’s stated policy that it will avoid the introduction of non-tariff barriers to trade. Our CEO Dominic Whitmee wrote to Michael Gove, Secretary of State for Defra, on this very point. The response he received from Lord Gardiner failed to address this key issue.

Here is an article we wrote for the OFI Journal in March 2018 giving the UK perspective on progress towards the UK leaving the EU.

Read our response to a call for evidence from the House of Lords’ EU Energy and Environment sub-committee on animal and plant health after Brexit.