The pond season is a busy time for contractors, installers and retailers. So to help you get ready we’ve pulled together some useful resources that you can use with your customers, including our How to set up the perfect fish pond leaflet. This leaflet is for the trade to use that offers simple and easy advice to people thinking of creating a fish pond in their garden. Please feel free to download copies to hand out to customers or you can use it on your website or social media.

Helpful resources for people with new ponds

We’ve gathered together some other useful leaflets for you to download and give to customers to help them set up and be successful with their garden pond

How to help your customers Be Plant Wise

Please encourage your customers not to release non-native plants – like aquatic pond plants – into the wild. That means they need to compost with care.

Links to more resources

There’s lots of helpful information out there that you can pass on to your customers to help them over the long term with their pond. What about using these resources on your website or social media channels?

  • Why not visit the Freshwater Habitats (formerly the Pond Conservation Society) website and encourage your customers to get involved with the Big Pond Dip? It’s a great way to help them fall in love with their pond & get years of enjoyment out of it.
  • It’s vital to get the public to compost or get rid of pond plants responsibly. Get free point of sale Be Plant Wise material to help spread the message.
  • Why not encourage your customers to report non-native plants and animals when they see them in the countryside by downloading mobile apps their phone? Good ones include PlantTracker, AquaInvaders and Th@s Invasive. Again, why not think about promoting these in your shop or on your website and social media channels?