It was nice to see the fishkeeping hobby highlighted on the BBC’s The One Show on Monday 1 July. And we’d support any publicity that gets people thinking about buying the right fish for their aquarium, regardless of how big it will grow.

We would always say that anybody buying fish – or in fact any animal – should do lots of research beforehand to make sure they know how to care for their pet when it arrives in their home. And reputable retailers should always give the best advice on the fish they sell – from how to care for it to how big it will grow – when they talk to customers.

While this item on this popular primetime show talked about tankbusters we believe good research by customers and good advice from retailers is needed whatever the size of the fish being sold. Whether it’s a guppy or a freshwater shark, there are plenty of resources out there to help people – and an OATA retailer will also be a valuable resource to help customers make the right decisions for them, depending on their experience, knowledge and home environment.

OATA has a range of care sheets about all types of fish, we offer distance learning courses for retail staff (and hobbyists if they’re interested) and there are some great magazines, forums and blogs out there for research. And equally, there are plenty of OATA retailers who can help customers come to the best decisions for them, even if that sometimes means not selling them the fish they originally came in for. Find your nearest OATA retailer here.