OATA is a supporter of Shoal so we LOVE its new campaign launched today (9 June 2021)! The search is on for the 10 Most Wanted freshwater fish in the world and Shoal needs help to hunt them down in its first flagship campaign The Search for the Lost Fishes.

In collaboration with Re:wild and the IUCN-SSC Freshwater Fish Specialist Group, Shoal has compiled a list of more than 300 fish species that are currently missing to science. From that masterlist Shoal and its partners have come up with its very own Top 10 Most Wanted list.

Shoal is doing great work highlighting the plight of freshwater fishes and the need to shine a light on their conservation so we hope our industry and hobby groups will support and share this important new campaign!

Find out more about the Search for the Lost Fishes campaign and which fish are the 10 Most Wanted here.