Retailers have to provide customer care information when they sell animals as part of the licensing requirements for all pet shops.

To help aquatic retailers OATA created QR codes to give digital access to all our caresheets so that customers can use their smartphones to get instant access to the relevant care sheet straight to their phone.

We have now collated all the caresheet information with QR codes onto A4 printable sheets that will print onto Avery labels.  This enables retailers to easily display QR codes on shop tanks giving customers instant access to the relevant caresheet information. On most modern smartphones all customers will need to do is use their camera to hover over the code and it will recognise the web link and take them straight to the caresheet.

Find the relevant printable label sheets, along with information for which Avery labels are needed for inkjet and laser printers, along with our full range of care sheets in case you haven’t seen them.