APHA has given notice that it intends to raise fees to inspect plants coming into the UK by an average of 11%. The new fees will come into effect on 1st October.

Despite numerous complaints to Defra’s charging team about this, the team has yet again failed to listen to our advice to delay the introduction of the new charging regime to allow businesses to adjust their costings. We have written to Lord Gardner to express our concerns about this issue which you can read here.

The fees relevant to our industry are:

  • Cuttings: fees to go from £139.84 to £173.91 (an increase of £34.07)
  • Other plants intended for planting: fees to go from £152.41 to £182.38 (an increase of £29.97).

The increase is apparently due to a greater increase of plant checks that were needed last year. APHA says it will not put up fees again until April 2021.