Latest pet population statistics show that pet fish ownership has shot up over the past couple of years.

This backs up industry experiences which revealed a high interest in setting up new indoor tanks and digging garden ponds since 2020, as a response to more time in lockdown to spend on home-based hobbies.

Pet Food Manufacturers Association Pet Population data reveals that in 2022 there are 8 million indoor tanks which equates to 17% of the population and 6.5 million households have outdoor ponds (12% of households). This compares to 5 million fish tanks (12% of households) and 4 million garden ponds in 2021.

“Sadly, PFMA’s report also reveals that pet relinquishment is on the rise as people return to the office or change their living arrangements. However, these are not issues that tend to affect people who keep pet fish and illustrates the need to ensure a wide variety of pet species are available for people to enjoy,” remarked OATA Chief Executive Dominic Whitmee.

“The key is for people to pick the right pet for their lifestyle and care for it properly. Dogs, cats and small furries undoubtedly make great pets but they are not always the right pet for everyone. Other pets, like fish, might make better pets for some people with busy lifestyles.”

PFMA’s Pet Population Data report can be found here.