Defra is looking at the issue of animal welfare in transport and recently launched a call for evidence seeking views and information on all aspects of this. While it is particularly examining the export of live farm animals for slaughter the review also takes in the welfare of animals both imported into the country and as they are transported around the UK – a key issue for our industry.

We promote high welfare standards in the industry through a wide variety of initiatives, such as our Code of Conduct, Transport Code, customer care sheets and our partnerships under the Government’s Primary Authority Scheme. Our industry is reliant on the provision of live, healthy animals so it is a priority for our industry, and commercially prudent, to keep the fish they trade in healthy and as stress-free as possible at every stage of their journey, both into and around the UK.

Our submission therefore focussed on any possible reform options relating to animal welfare in transport following the UK’s departure from the EU.

Read our submission here.