We have responded to various calls for evidence from the UK Government and devolved administrations, and bodies which support them, to help them understand the very particular issues being faced by our small industry.

With great support from our Board members we’ve submitted ideas to the English Animal Welfare Commission and the Animal Welfare Network for Wales which wanted insight into animal welfare issues that will affect businesses. You can read our response which was sent to both organisations here.

The Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy select committee also wanted to hear about the general issues for business that this pandemic has caused so this was another opportunity for us to share our concerns for our industry. These include how shops are coping looking after their animals when staff are furloughed, the higher energy/utility costs faced by aquatic businesses in comparison to other pet businesses and access to livestock with the lack of imports due to grounded aircraft and how this will be resolved over the longer term. You can read our submission here.

The Scottish Parliament’s Economy, Energy and Fair Work Committee also launched an inquiry into the COVID-19 – impact on Scotland’s businesses, workers and the economy and we sent this response.

Have we missed anything? We’re always keen to hear from individual businesses with the particular issues affecting you so do drop us an email and we will add your voice to our continual lobbying of Government departments.