With the General Election announced for Thursday July 4 the fight is on to get your vote! Why not download OATA’s manifesto and ask any prospective parliamentary candidates you see whether they support our four pledges!

OATA’s manifesto pledges are:

Support pet ownership in all its forms – reject calls for bans of exotic or wild collected pets through the introduction of positive lists or other means. Instead look at ways to support people to successfully keep their pets throughout their life through education, advice and information.

Protect pet shops’ ability to sell live animals – support pet shops to continue to sell live animals by improving inspections, simplifying bureaucracy and regularising the fees local councils charge.

Require local authority inspectors to be trained in all pet species – make it mandatory for all local authority licensing officers to undertake good quality training in the pet species they are likely to encounter in pet shops.

Address the insufficiency in provision of live animal Border Control Posts (BCP) at seaports – to avoid serious animal welfare impacts, Government should rethink its approach to the provision of seaport facilities at the UK Border.