The pressure to ban all wildlife trade across the globe continues with a recent parliamentary reception hosted by Sir Roger Gale, Sir David Amess and Luke Pollard on behalf of the World Protection Agency.

It was very disappointing to see parliamentarians share a platform with a campaign that is calling for the UK Government to ban all wildlife imports into the UK, such as tropical fish. That would effectively call a halt to the fishkeeping hobby because the vast majority of live fish for home aquariums are imported into the UK.

You can watch the hour-long meeting here should you want to. And this is the letter we have sent to the three MPs here.

If these are your MPs do feel free to get in touch with them to ask why they are not supportive of your business and your customers – the many fishkeepers in their constituency. (North Thanet in Kent) (Southend West) (Plymouth, Sutton and Devonport)