From the 1 January you will need to comply with the following requirements for the commercial import from the EU of Reptiles, Amphibians (except Salamanders) and Invertebrates (except bees, molluscs, crustaceans and corals)

  • Commercial imports must be pre-notified via IPAFFS at least one working day in advance of arrival at the point of entry. OATA recommends 5 days where possible.
  • Until 1 July, you can continue to arrive at any point of entry, and there are no requirements to arrive via a BCP.
  • Consignments must be accompanied with the relevant commercial documentation. This includes an invoice and packing list: including
    • list of species,
    • number of animals,
    • premises of origin and
    • premises of destination.
  • Unless accompanied by a health certificate, the consignment must be accompanied by an exporter declaration that the animals are “fit to travel” for commercial moves. The declaration should be completed by the person responsible for transportation and should read:

“ I the undersigned, declare that: it is my responsibility as the person organising the journey, to ensure that the animals are fit to travel”.

Thank you to the Pet Charity for use of the photo.