We are aware of a great many issues being experienced by member businesses trying to supply fish to Northern Ireland. We have worked with those businesses, Fish Health Inspectorate and DAERA to find solutions which are outlined below for businesses which might be experiencing the same issues trying to supply Northern Ireland.

When importing into GB for direct onward transport to NI you will need:

  1. A whole consignment health certificate to a GB destination. Remind the exporter to get their authorities to use the new GB certificate. That certificate should make it clear for GB BCP staff which boxes are for onward travel to NI. The suggestion is you have these boxes numbered 1 to N on the GB packing list/invoice, labelled to show they are going to the NI destination.
  2. An EU model health certificate from source to destination in NI.  The packing list on this certificate should match exactly the number of boxes and their contents as the parts of the GB packing list which is marked for travel to NI.
  3. The boxes destined to NI will also need two transport labels, one to GB and one to NI.

It is worth remembering that the new NI BCP will be staffed by people unfamiliar with clearing fish shipments and will probably expect everything to be perfect. They may not have in place systems like we have in GB for isolating stock or controlling animals under Reg 23 and 16, so importers need to stress the need for accuracy in the export paperwork to their trade partners.

Official advice is expected shortly. Please keep an eye out for it.