Businesses which import live fish into England and Wales need to start using new health certificates which have been updated. The most up-to-date templates should now be used and can be found on GOV.UK here along with the version history for all of the live aquatic animal health certificates.

Competent authorities in other countries have been made aware of the changes and it is recommended that businesses encourage suppliers to work with their competent authorities to use the latest health certificate, available here. All consignments received in Great Britain on out of date health certificates after 29 April 2024 will be subject to regulations issued under the Trade in Animals and Related Products Regulation 2011.

Health Certificates for imports of live aquatic animals into Great Britain must be completed in line with the Notes for Guidance (NFGs) for import of live aquatic animals into Great Britain. Imports that do not meet the mandatory requirements are liable to statutory action being taken against the importer and the supplier and it could lead to the shipment being rejected or intercepted and ultimately destroyed. Importers may wish to supply a copy of the NFG’s to their suppliers for information to aid in the future completion of the health certificates.

Businesses are also encouraged to have a look at the updated Importers Guidance Pack to help familiarise you with the full process and requirements.

Regulation Update for Non-Compliant Consignments

FHI has also notified that it is now enforcing the escalating procedure in relation to Regulations issued against consignments of non-susceptible live aquatic animals originating from the Rest of World and European member states.

This means that any issues with a consignment resulting in a Regulation being issued, must be resolved by the importer a maximum of 28 days from the date of import. If the importer is unable to reach a satisfactory resolution after this deadline, this will be counted as an instance where their source site has failed to resolve such matters and provide appropriate health certification for the import. In such cases, they will be monitored closely and given a maximum of three such failures within a 12-month period before being held on a list of suppliers who have failed to provide valid health certificates or been able to provide valid replacement documents to resolve a Regulation.

Subsequent non-compliant imports of non-susceptible aquatic animals destined for the importer from suppliers held on the list, would be required to be detained and isolated while the matter is resolved. It is therefore important that the importer does not import again from such suppliers unless they are confident that they are able to meet our import entry requirements into GB.

Contact Fish Health Inspectorate 01305 206700 or email for more information.