We need your help and QUICKLY!
Three aquatic plant species are being proposed for an EU wide ban – Gymnocoronis spilanthoides (Senegal tea plant), Pistia stratiotes (Water lettuce) and Salvinia molesta (salvinia).
We are making representations to Defra and now need help to put together UK economic data on the trade (sales and value) of these three plants, and also Hygrophila polysperma (Indian waterweed)) for 2016. We’ve put together a quick survey for the industry to fill in to help us collect this information.
Unfortunately, we have a very limited timeframe to get this data to Defra so we need your help urgently – the deadline for responses to our survey is 12 noon on WED 29 NOVEMBER.
If you breed, import or sell these plants in your business please take a few moments to complete our quick survey.
Brexit won’t make a difference to this listing so please help us to make the case for these three plants to remain on sale.