Thanks to sponsorship from three companies, including the UK’s Tropical Marine Centre, the Wild Caught: Aquarium Fish Trade of the Amazon documentary is now available to watch for free on YouTube.

The 90 minute documentary is the first documentary to examine the ethics and consequences of the collection of tropical fish from Amazonian rivers for the international aquarium trade.

Previously it was available to on a pay to view basis on Vimeo.

Film-maker Don McConnell explained: “As animal right activist groups are increasing the pressure on legislators and the pet industry to ban the capture and sale of wild tropical fish species, this film is a timely and detailed investigation into the sustainability and environmental consequences of the aquarium trade in the Amazon rainforest.

“Are aquarium hobbyists who buy wild caught fish helping or hurting conservation efforts?

Can the populations of tropical fish species in Amazonas survive their repeated capture and export? Are local communities benefiting from the trade in these remote regions?

“Answers to these questions are provided in this documentary by some of the world’s leading researchers, local fish capturers, exporters, international importers and conservationists. Wild Caught is essential viewing for those who wish to become educated on a controversial topic which is crucial to conservation efforts in one the world’s most important aquatic ecosystems.”

See the documentary for free here

The opportunity to release this film for free was made possible by sponsorship from Quality Marine (USA), Tropical Marine Centre (UK) and Aquatropic (USA).