We have updated and expanded our range of FREE species specific care sheets and ‘how to’ guides for people keeping fish, with help from industry experts and fish vets.

We have 54 species specific caresheets covering coldwater, tropical freshwater and marine fish and invertebrates as well as corals. We have also expanded our range of ‘how to’ guides which now include how to understand and test freshwater and marine water quality.

These are available to download from our website and are completely free. Access to good quality care information when selling fish is very important and a key requirement of the animal activities licensing that all commercial sellers need to have.

To help retailers we have created a suite of QR code labels that can be downloaded for use on shop tanks. Customers can then use the camera app to scan the code which downloads care information stratight to their smart phone.

Find the full range of our care sheets here along with links to QR code labels at the bottom of the page.