Our courses cover four subjects – but in more depth in the Advanced Diploma.

Water Quality

Ammonia, nitrate, nitrite, pH, hardness, reverse alkalinity, buffering, density, dissolved gasses, temperature, water sources and medication of water types.


Mechanical, biological, chemical, sterilizing filters and filter use and design.

Fish Biology

Fish identification, external anatomy, internal anatomy, gill function, physiology, hazardous aquatic species, reproduction, transport, ecology.

Fish Health

The health/disease balance, stress and handling, the physical environment, the chemical environment, pathogens, viruses, bacteria, fungus, tumours and fish treatments.

More information about the courses

COURSE Certificate Advanced Diploma
Method of study Home study Home study
Course titles 1. Water Quality 2. Filtration

3. Fish Biology 4. Fish Health

1. Volume One: Water Quality and Filtration

2. Volume Two: Fish Biology and Fish Health

Course prerequisites None None – however, prior experience of fishkeeping is recommended
Course objective To gain a basic understanding of fishkeeping To gain more detailed knowledge of fishkeeping
Course start date You start when you want You start when you want
Course length Students decide (although as a guide, 3 months is common) Students decide (although as a guide, 12-18 months is common)
Course availability All titles are available worldwide  All titles are available worldwide
Assessment availability Assessment is optional and available in England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales only Assessment is optional and available in England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales only
Method of assessment Brief written exam paper Written exam paper and telephone interview


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