We have been contacted by a number of aquatic stores about the issue of enrichment in shop tanks, following queries from local authority inspectors during animal activity licensing visits.

We asked our Primary Authority partner the City of London Corporation for some assured advice on this issue. It has examined the selling animals as pets guidance and its advice outlines:

  • It is not a requirement to have enrichment (eg plants or ornaments) in tanks displaying fish for sale because of the potential for harm to the fish when it is captured for sale.
  • However, the opportunity to hide may be necessary for some species of fish and staff must be competent in identifying where this is required.
  • If fish are kept for longer than 3 months or are in a permanent display then there is a need for species-appropriate enrichment in the tank.

Read the advice in full here. This advice can by used by OATA member businesses based in England should they get queries from their local authority inspector about this issue.

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