If the news of losing barley straw products to control algae in garden ponds is making you see red then why not consider writing to your MP? We want as many MPs as possible to talk to the relevant Minister to get these products removed from the Regulation before it comes into force in September.

Do you use barley straw products in your garden pond?

OATA has come up with a suggested draft letter that gardeners or someone with a pond can use here Biocides Regulations letter for gardeners. If you’re not sure who your MP is you can look them up on the Parliament website here.

Do you sell or make these barley straw products?

If you are a retailer or manufacturer and are concerned about losing this product from your shelves then we have a draft Biocides Regulations MP letter for you to use. It’s important to send the letter to the MP who represens the area where you live – not where your business is. Again you can find MP details here.