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OATA Offers Its Members Extended Insurance Deal

In a move to support its members, especially in these times of economic uncertainty, OATA (the Ornamental Aquatic Trade Association) has extended its arrangement with appointed specialist insurance broker Bluefin to offer members a free and confidential review of their current business insurance arrangements. One of the UK’s top independent insurance brokers, Bluefin was specifically selected for their UK reach and expert business consultation services and since 2004, a number of OATA members have benefitted from taking up this independent, impartial offer. Bluefin provides specialist advice on all classes of business cover including property, employers liability, public and products liability and professional indemnity.  Backed by AXA UK, Bluefin’s position in the market and independent status enables it to secure exclusive business insurance deals often not available elsewhere. Keith Davenport, OATA, commented, “We are committed to offering our members real benefits that will support their business and believe that this no-obligation offer by Bluefin gives our members a real opportunity to evaluate their insurance cover and expenditure.” –...

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OATA Retail Member Educating Next Generation

One of OATA’s longest established retail members, The Goldfish Bowl in Oxford, is so committed to ensuring the future of their business and the aquatic industry that it has been opening its doors to local schools for educational school trips for over twenty years. On a mission to educate and influence tomorrow’s fish keeper, Owner Barry Allday  has welcomed over fifty school visits from Oxfordshire and beyond – one recent visit by local school Rose Hill Primary School saw forty Year 1 children (aged 5-6) experience an hour’s educational tour of the shop, bringing their school curriculum topic ‘Under the Sea’ to life. Hosted by Terry Burke, who has specific responsibility for the shop’s marine systems, the visit included a guided tour of the various breeds of fish, invertebrates and corals in stock, with an explanation of how different fish have different needs, such as feeding, water temperature and ph levels.  To keep the children engaged and interested in their surroundings, Terry regularly asked for questions from the children and presented them with the opportunity to feed the coldwater and marine tropical fish, which was extremely popular and for most, the highlight of their visit. Terry said, “Naturally, the majority of children think all fish are like ‘Nemo’ and ‘Dory’ but as soon as they see all the different colours, shapes and sizes of fish from around the world,...

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New Aquatic Retailer in North West Joins OATA

Although only trading for a matter of weeks, the owner of Burnley’s newest aquatic shop Bit O Blue has joined OATA (the Ornamental Aquatic Trade Association) as part of a conscious decision to give his business a level of credibility and provide him with industry support and guidance.  In fact, owner Tom Wood has already benefitted from being a member, having sought OATA’s advice on the preventative measures which initially arose in his Pet Shop Licence application. With his eye firmly on the wider issues such as bio security, welfare and conservation issues, Tom is determined to ensure that his new venture stands out amongst other aquatic and pet shop retailers – from employing an interior designer to making the shop aesthetically pleasing, to installing a dedicated quarantine system and selecting only the best livestock from a range of different suppliers. Supported by two full-time staff, Bit O Blue is positioned in the destination town of Rose Grove near Burnley, and occupies just under 5,000 square foot and houses over 250 tanks of marine, tropical and cold water fish, ranging from fancy goldfish through to Papua New Guinea Gold nugget wrasses. Tom recognises that his customers have a keen interest in the ecological story and where possible, he sources livestock that have been sustainably collected or captive raised. Several species, including Tom’s clown fish often come from UK based...

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