Author: Pauline Davey

Channa sales ban on hold after an OATA challenge

Plans to ban the sale of Channa and three aquatic plant species across the whole of the UK have had a reprieve following a challenge by OATA to the EU. A proposal by Spain had put the whole Channa genus in jeopardy but the European Commission has announced that no animal or plant species will be listed for a ban in 2018 while they examine the process for implementing such bans. OATA’s Dr Tracey King put together a detailed rebuttal of the Spanish risk assessment for Channa, effectively pulling apart the reasons put forward for stopping the sale and...

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Concern grows over fee changes

We have become increasingly concerned that the Government continues to press ahead with policy and regulatory changes that take no account of what a post-Brexit world may look like. We also believe some plans run contrary to the Government’s stated policy that it will avoid the introduction of non-tariff barriers to trade. Our CEO, Dominic, recently wrote to Michael Gove, Secretary of State for Defra, on this very point – citing recent consultations on increasing plant health and border inspection fees. Unfortunately the response he received from Lord Gardiner failed to address this key issue. You can see Dominic’s...

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Aquarium Industry Targets Illegal Cyanide Fishers

Scientists are a step closer to ending the deadly and destructive practice of illegal cyanide fishing…thanks to new research. The use of cyanide to stun and capture fish for both the ornamental and food trades is still a problem in tropical seas, particularly in the Coral Triangle region, despite governments introducing laws against it. It involves cyanide being dissolved in either bottles or drums and used to stun fish living within the coral reefs, making them easier to catch. But it has detrimental effects on the fish, coral reefs and the fishers involved. Now two separate reports commissioned by...

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