Six directors were welcomed back to the OATA Board at the Annual General Meeting.

Each year six directors have to stand down from the Board. This year seven people put themselves forward for these places so ballot papers were sent to all OATA members and the final count was taken at the AGM held on Wednesday October 17, which led to six people being voted onto the board. These were Pete Carey from Pets at Home, Mark Evenden from Devotedly Discus, Neil Hardy from Neil Hardy Aquatica, Pete Smith from Aquasense (UK) Ltd, Paul West from TMC and Ben Windeat from Pets Choice.

Kevin Rose of Lynchford Aquatics has taken over as Chair after Ruth Low of Gordon Low Products Ltd stepped down after the usual two-year stint at the helm. Matt Stevenson of Seneye becomes the new Vice Chair.

OATA Chief Executive Dominic Whitmee said: “I’d like to thank Ruth for her two-year stint as Chair and welcome Kevin who has taken her place. Our Board is made up of a wide range of business people from companies which represent the whole industry and I appreciate the time they give to OATA to help us with our work. We also have to thank Mark Winter of Aqua Pacific Ltd for all his help and support as he leaves the Board after six years.”

New board member Pete Smith from Aquasense (UK) Ltd had previously enjoyed a ‘New Blood’ position on the board which gives interested OATA members the opportunity to attend board meetings with a view to putting themselves forward as potential Directors in the future. Richard Maude of Pedigree Wholesale Ltd continues for another year in this role.

OATA’s Board of Directors is made up of 18 people who represent the whole of the industry, from wholesalers and manufacturers to importers, pond and aquarium consultants and retailers.  The complete OATA Board of Directors is now made up of:

  • James Allison, Aquapic Solutions
  • Kevin Barton, ALF (Aquatic Distributors) Ltd
  • Pete Carey, Pets at Home
  • Robert Edgecock, Independent Aquatic Imports Ltd
  • Mark Evenden, Devotedly Discus Ltd
  • Caroline Everett, Anglo Aquatic Plants Co Ltd
  • Neil Hardy, Neil Hardy Aquatica Ltd
  • Simon Langdale, Maidenhead Aquatics
  • Philip Lawton, Kidsgrove Tropicals
  • Ruth Low, Gordon Low Products Ltd
  • David Pool, FishScience
  • Kevin Rose, Lynchford Aquatics Ltd
  • Pete Smith, Aquasense (UK) Ltd
  • Dr Donna Snellgrove, Mars Petcare
  • Matt Stevenson, Seneye
  • Simon Strode, Spectrum Brands Tetra
  • Paul West, Tropical Marine Centre
  • Ben Windeatt, Pets Choice

Members interested in finding out more about how OATA’s Board works can put themselves as New Blood. If you want to know more about this then ring OATA on 01373 301353.