OATA’s seven YouTube videos designed to give helpful advice to aspiring fish keepers have now been viewed more than 600,000 times in total.

The most popular video – with more than half a million views – is the Setting up a Goldfish Aquarium while second most popular is Keeping Goldfish Successfully with nearly 31,000 views.

To help spread the word OATA has now added all seven videos to its Facebook page to help retailers and hobbyists find them easily.

“We wanted to help our members to promote the hobby of fishkeeping so we produced these seven videos two years ago to give advice on how to keep fish successfully and set up aquaria,” explained OATA Chief Executive Keith Davenport.

“It’s very pleasing that between them the videos are getting about 1,000 hits a day which I think goes to show how popular fishkeeping, particularly it would seem keeping goldfish. Hosting them on our YouTube channel means people can search and find them and it also means our members can use them on their own websites as a useful resource for their customers.

“But to help keeping spreading the word to new people who might not know they exist we’ve now also added the videos to the OATA Facebook page as another way to reach people.”

The seven videos are:

  • Learning how to keep pet fish
  • Keeping tropical freshwater fish successfully
  • Setting up a tropical freshwater aquarium
  • Keeping marine fish successfully
  • Setting up a marine fish aquarium
  • Keeping goldfish successfully
  • Setting up a goldfish aquarium

The videos can be viewed on YouTube at  or on OATA’s Facebook page