We have written to the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy to raise some important points that we believe particularly affect our industry and our members. We have had information about the disproportionate effect on aquatic businesses which face large utility bills, from running tanks etc, that other pet businesses for example will not face. So we have asked if the Government could give consideration to the provision of financial support towards utilities for businesses engaged in the provision of essential animal care, for example by way of additional grants or by encouraging utility suppliers to consider permitting payment ‘holidays’. We have also asked for clarification that furloughed shop workers can volunteer to help with animal welfare tasks in aquatic businesses which will have a lot of fish to look after. Read our letter here.

We are also planning a response to this inquiry by the BEIS committee which is examining the impact of coronavirus on businesses and workers. We will include what we have written to the Government department about but if you have any other issue you want us to raise then please let us know. Email info@ornamentalfish.org